How to know that Food is Irradiated

The food items are distinguishable difference between the irradiated food and ordinary food in terms of smell, taste or appearance.

However, it is mandatory to mention weather the food or ingredient of food on label that they have irradiated. Such items must be labeled as 'irradiated' or 'treated with ionising radiation'.

If in case the food item is not packed or have to be eaten directly , it should be marked 'Irradiated' on the menu, notice or the ticket in order to make it convenient for us to deciede what to eat.

For example if the restaurant is using irradiated food ingredients like spices or herbs etc. there may instead be a general indication on a notice , ticket, menu or label that food sold there may contain those types of ingredients.

Some test can be applied on certian foor items like meat, herbs etc to check weather the food is irradiated or not. These tests are generally used by Food Standards Agency to make sure that the rules on irradiation are followed correctly.